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Burbank (Saturdays at 4:30pm)Claremont (Sundays at 4:30pm)

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VENUES: Flappers Burbank Mainroom | 225 Seats | 102 East Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502
Flappers Claremont Mainroom | 100 Seats | 532 W. 1st Street, Claremont CA 91711

TALENT: Talent will be booked, paid, and scheduled by Flappers Comedy Club.

Flappers Comedy LLC will provide a Flyer (Burbank Flyer | Claremont Flyer), the Venue, a 60-Minute Comedy Show and all staff required to support event including Ticket/Sound/Servers/Bartenders. Flappers LLC agrees to donate 50% of gross tickets sales to the CHARITABLE ORG if a guarantee of 50 attendees is met. The 50 attendees can be a combination of guests brought by organization and Flappers Walk-in Guests.


Charitable Org Agrees to the following:
*A minimum of 50 attendees at the event will be guaranteed. If guarantee of 50 attendees is not met, Flappers will keep all ticket sales to pay for expenses.
*Charitable Org will market and promote to their members by using their personal, social media, and mailing lists.
*Charitable Org will ensure that all attendees respect the Flappers "Two Drink/Item Minimum" policy (special kid's menu $6 | Full restaurant menu & bar for Adults).
*Charitable org may also wish to purchase food and drink for guests, please request pricing for our special events department. Birthday cakes available | May bring in own cake for this show only -please bring utensils & plates.
*Please provide a copy of your non-profit 501 C3 paperwork.

Are you interested in purchasing food and beverage for your guests?*

Do you have a per-person or total budget?*

Click HERE to download a Two Milk Minimum Logo that you can use to spread the word about your fundraiser.

Click HERE to download a Burbank Two Milk Minimum Flyer.

Click HERE to download a Claremont Two Milk Minimum Flyer.

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